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Get lost loser.

September 11, 2007 ; 10:45 AM
❤ Be my SunShine {:

i just woke up 5minutes ago XD
and i'm still sleepyyyyyyy!
*dies milk dies*

btw btw btwwwwwwwwww
heard so many rumours about the boys XD
and now french fans r in panic XD
they were waiting for them in the airport yesterday XD
but still, there's no sign of dongbang boys XD
and told u about junsu went to brazil with boa right?
we even dunno that's true or not XD
now, someone said that they din go to brazil but aussie!

and hella, XD soompi's thread moves damn fast XD
and all of the question are same XD
*dies milk dies*
and now, newest rumour is micky has a girlfriend!
but judging from the pic in there, i think its from DOE's era maybe?
not so sure lah XD

OMG rumours are everywhere XDD

i'm tired of updating the news XD
so, i better sit down here and waiting for someone to tell me!

anyway, i havent take a bath yet.
and my class will get started in the next hour

btw btw btwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
shiva is such a pervy x__x;;
*enuff said, u get what i mean*

and, found this article on LJ
[news] Shindong to Junsu: Let's be BFF
On 9/10's episode of "Ya Shim Man Man," Shindong shared with the panel that:

Despite Junsu being a year younger, they aren't really that well acquainted, and Shindong in his debut days addressed him in the polite/honorific form. More recently, SD's been able to talk to him informally. Wanting to become better friends, he went to Su's parents' pizza restaurant in Ilsan and met Su's mom. The two got a bit closer after he told Su about his visit and that the pizza tasted grrreaat, but after that, their relationship returned to its awkward phase. Su had also made his own attempt to become better friends with other members of SuJu by pretending he couldn't dance very well.

oh Junsu ♥
what a sweetheart u can be XD
*pinch pinch*

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