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Get lost loser.

October 26, 2007 ; 1:42 PM
❤ Be my SunShine {:

Long time no see!

so many things happened when i'm on hiatus XD
and i realized that tell all of those stories are pain in the ass! XD
and also it will torture my fingers LOL!

and tell u briefly XD
ok, passed my univ interview EASILY.
damn, i regretted study all night x_x;;
may i say that UAN's questions are two times harder than that? -___-;;
i finished the paper in 20minutes. XD and they gave me 4hours to do finish that paper! XD
when i submitted the paper to the examiner, she went O_O and asked me XD
her : ha, finished already ya? i gave u 4hours to do that loh. [so singlish XD]
me : i finished already ma'am. u may check it.
her : did u finish the writing part oso a?
me : did it ma'am. i even made it 125words. u may count it.
her : oh ok le, now u better go find ms.yenti to fulfil ur data.

geez~ i feel like a stupid XD

and now, waiting impatiently for my ielts test. x_x;;
huhuhu~ T___T;; *cries*
its not funny if i must attend the english class XD and then suddenly jump into mid semester of 1st year degree. >.>;;
but im so happy XD dun need to attend foundation class XD
my teacher in indo said that i only need 2 years to finish my bachelor degree XD
i can graduate in the same time with my indo's friends! XD

enuff saiddd! XD
2days ago manda came to my apartment XD and we went random XD
talked about piercing XD she said she will pierced her ears this saturday! XD i asked darling to take fancam PUAHAHAHAHA. wanna see manda's face XD -itmustbeveryfunny- XD
and then, we were talking about random thingy lah XD
from jaejoong to yunho to concert goodies to poster and so on XD

and look what we did x_x;;
OMG, screw manda >.> she's the one that caused this room in a mess XD
*gotkicked* XD

btw, can u mention all things in these pics? XD
if u can, me and manda will give u november s-magz FOR FREE! xD
*goin insane*

i brought all of those stuffs back to indo XD
and believe me, none of my stuff in there XD
all of them are my friend's stuff. im going to give em to them this sunday XD

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

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btw manda~ ur laptop skin arrived yesterday. and guess what. ITS SO NICE.
damn, too tempting XD i almost use it for my laptop and will make the new one for ya PUAHAHAH! xD -got kicked-

and now, i havent take a bath XD and i must catch up what i missed before 5pm! XD
or i'll goin insane x_x;; encore concert im coming! XD

btw, see this lah, manda asked me if i wanna buy that pinku towel or not, and i said i rethink 1st lah. and when i saw this pic suddenly i felt the urge to buy it!
and then called manda to help me buy. sorry for troubling u manda! T_T;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

finally finally! XD got my ear pierced couple days ago! hohohoh
my dream spot XD i though it gonna be excruciating bcoz when my friend pierced his ear he screamed and so loud! -__-;; better than he cries XD boys dont cry ne? XD did this together with my darling XD
YAY XD next time we'll make a tatto x333

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

-is waiting for manda, mom and eryn-

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