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Get lost loser.

November 21, 2007 ; 1:40 AM
❤ Be my SunShine {:

-Junsu's bus arrived-

The rest member : JUNSUYAAAAAAAAA~ [in a very loud tone - their expression are very happy]

-JunSu sweatdropped and giggling like mad-

-Jaejoong says something to the rest and suddenly they shout Junsu's name out loud-

-Junsu laughing his ass off while waiting the right time to across the street-

-the rest member run to him-

-Junsu still smiling like a cute idiot-

-Yunho squishes his cheek lovingly-

-JaeJoong helps him and carrying his suitcase-

-Changmin tickles Him-

-Yoochun HUGS him from the back-

JunSu : *says something that i dont understand XD-

Yoochun : *keep shouting aaaaaaa all the time*

-Junsu turn his body around and pretending to ignore yoochun's Hug but put his right arm around Yoochun's waist-

-JaeJoong touch his cheeck sweetly-

-Yoochun HUGS him again, from the front this time-

-Junsu keep mumbling something that i don't understand-

-Junsu still ignoring Yoochun-

-Yoochun doesnt care and keep smiling and staring at junsu LOVINGLY-

-Junsu keep talking to the rest member-

-Yoochun continue to stare at junsu and his smile get wider as time goes by-

From : Bonjour Paris Extra DVD - Junsu arrival

comment : AAAAAAAAAAAA! YOOSU'S MOMENT AGAIN! i'm a happy fangirl! and my faith in yoochun's fetish about junsu grew stronger, i believe with all my heart my mind and my soul , if junsu leave him, he won't be able to live this life anymore 8D
*waves yoosu banner*

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